$ASTS buyers of SpaceMobile here today is like buying SpaceX in 2003. And a FYI to newbee’s, 90% of the valuation of SpaceX is not the flashy rockets, it is Starlink. 70B valuation for Starlink right now still in beta stage and only 1/3 up. AST is space-based mobile 5g as to SpaceX’s Starlink is to space-based Home wifi. Both are almost identical in the 2030 projected Ebidta, except AST is way more profitable 7yrs earlier, and is only 5B Capex for that mega CF compared to Starlink’s 200B+ Capex. AST already has billions of paying customers lined up, free global terrestrial ground infrastructure, and billions in free spectrum, all of which Starlink has to pay for and acquire still