$SPY Lots of talk about Trump's efforts to "overturn" results in some states. Perhaps he really thinks he can do that BUT for those of you saying it's wasted effort that won't change anything I think you might be wrong. Here is why:. I don't think this is relevant to this election but rather to 2022 and beyond. The point of all of this is more to shine a spotlight on potential problems with the process so as to motivate several state legislatures to pass new laws regarding future elections. For Republicans to have a chance at Victory in 2022 and beyond there will have to be further safeguards put in place to eliminate fraud. This can be done very easily in several States like Michigan Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. This is because the power to create such laws rests entirely with the legislature in these states Trump might not win but this spotlight on the "process" could very well help many Republicans in the future.
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