$JCP Jill and team have done pretty good with stabilizing JCP and also realizing the urgency to return JCP to respectability. Hopefully $.53 and the $1.00 range will be "little things" we can forget in another week or two and months to come. The stock is still down from $1.64 when she was named CEO but it sure seems analysts will have to come out in force with upgrades with the big EPS beat coming up a week from tomorrow. What Lazard, and K&E are doing has to be a lot more than basic debt restructuring because Marvin and Davis did that on their own, and that they have already taken over 3 months and the only bone we have been thrown is that JCP was willing to reveal some "confidential" information, I just wonder how massive a restructuring of the debt is going on that would be so time consuming, and that's why I think it has to involve Short Interest trying to save themselves from a major disaster.
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