$JCP It's an overstatement, but somehow JCP has become flush with plenty of extra cash. They paid $5 million down last Q on the 2020 $110 million debt reducing to $115. They began the Hurst store "lab" this past July if you date backward as they said it took 13 weeks I believe. So they initiated that the same time the Reuters hit piece about debt talks. Shawn Gensch who had a major role in the Hurst Store was only hired May 28, so they wasted no time with a major development. Michael Robbins was terminated August 3, two weeks after the hit piece, I think he was a leaker, even axed several days earlier; Jill does not mess around with "confidentiality." Let's see if they pay down the 2020 this Q as well, and the 2019 was due this past October, so $50 million paid I am sure. JCP I believe has many friends with deep pockets, some friends of Jill, and an industry favorite many want saved.
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