$JCP MikeJCP, Joe is here, Frank is here, C arrived today, you, and me, see if you can get EAB and Steven. They are missing out on a great board and this coming Friday should be exciting as all get out. JCP was steady July 18, Reuters breaks the 19th, slammed down, Mike Robbins is terminated last day August 3, on other guy also left in August I can't recall his name. Robbins was replaced within one day, the other guy two months. JCP is healthy, too many suspicious things happening when it was not necessary to rock the boat. And then we get the last ER that beat and great guidance, and it's been over 100 days of talks now. Sooner or later JCP is exploding to the upside. You're going to make a bundle with that amount you have. I can't see anything to prevent $5, and really $10 is more like it. We shall see.
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