$JCP Maybe you like someone because you see some of yourself in someone. In Jill Soltau I see she thinks like me, and she thinks like Allen Questrom I believe, and I like to think I thought and still think like he, and it's this kind of thinking that I believe is what JCP needs and has not had for a long time. Simple as that. You know when you're dead positive about something and maybe only you can see it and you just wish someone else could, and then someone finally does see it and you want to shout? Well, after seeing Jill Soltau work for six months I knew she's a winner because she has the heart and soul perfect for JCP. So to finally get this after so many years of waiting, I can only be enthusiastic. I think we will have more believers come the 15th. If we aren't living to help others, at least encourage them, then what the heck are we living for?
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