$JCP Buycheapselldear, The cost of the renovation to the lab store is not that expensive and can be replicated with not that great an expense, 500 stores easily. One, they get some shared expense from the local NFL team, two the Bistro, and probably got mall concessions as well. Hardly any expense to shine a floor, paint the area, add some displays, shine some fixtures, widen the aisles is just lessening what you put out, no expense. Proper lighting some expense but not great. Just my guess but $200,000 per store could easily get it done, it's an investment worth making, and most stores were being ripped off several times that amount, so they clamped down on that and that's where the money can come from, worst break even, and then you are set for profits in the future. I think it is far less expensive than it appears. Malls will want to keep JCP', and give better terms on lease, monies available.
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