$JCP I always try to evaluate JCP fairly and honestly. Avoided for years, was not buying at $12 or on down over the years when others were saying get in, short squeeze, and got bashed then and still. But I was saying avoid, and get in at the bottom that would be sub $1.00, and was proven right, so I like to think humbly I know a little about the stock and the company, told everyone get in $.60 even though I was already in higher, got bashed, but it worked out. Many remain upset, but Jill is not in charge of JCP, something has "smelled" from the beginning, like she answers to another master, that being Leonard Green, and Tysoe has never been trust worthy. So I'm sorry for others pain, but don't take my comments as rose colored, I do deal in facts, and I still say JCP will reward us handsomely in 2020, and AN AWFUL LOT IS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES, BUYOUT POTENTIAL AND OTHER. Lots of good people around here, don't get down on this not so bright day. All is well.
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