$JCP Jill's always communicated poorly with shareholders, doesn't really care for shareholders, doesn't have any risk with her shares like shareholders do. She coddles JCP's creditors, gives them time, insight, shares "confidential" information with them, but leaves shareholders blowing in the wind. She's like most CEO's, doesn't want anything to do with shareholders. Just the way it is. JCP is all hers now, if they still have Marvin's leftover junk, it's on Jill now, that crap should have been burnt if they didn't want to give it to the homeless and show some goodwill. Jill said JCP was ready for the holiday season, but obviously they weren't. There is still so much great potential with JCP, and I called for BOLDNESS long ago, but she just doesn't seem to rise to that level. She's never been CEO of a public company before, only a private one, and she knows her paychecks are always guaranteed, isn't dependent on any stock price, which is 40% less since the day she was hired.
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