$JCP "What I like to do when the news isn't much good is take a bike ride, and I seem to do that each day at JCP. Guess what I've got in my basket? My JCP stock certificates, well, had them but the wind must have blown them away but that's not a problem they're not worth that much anyway and I can always get more for free. Okay, I know you want the stock price to go up, and I can promise you I can't promise it will, but that's why we've got bike rides for promises that can't be kept, or met. I'm not Marvin, I'm Jill, but the stock is the stock apparently has a mind of it's own. Gotta run, the creditors want to know what's next, I'm going to tell them fly a kite, that's even more fun than bike riding. $1.07, I better get back to work, hope they have some new certificates for me, great price to gift to me. What's next? When you find out let me know, then we'll both know. See ya."
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