$JCP What I don't like is when there is negative news and the CEO, Jill Soltau, hides. She does this a lot. There's a comment when JCP announces some ThredUp partnership of something, but when they announce bad news, nobody assumes leadership and makes a comment. I hate that, so cowardly, so weasel like. And JCP has shared "confidential" information with our enemies, the creditors who are shorting JCP and keeping it buried, and on top of that JCP executives get free shares, spread out over time, and sign on bonuses. Where's the integrity of Jill and team to stand up and take some responsibility rather than hide? I called for Allen Questrom to take over as JCP CEO back in February of 2018, 3 months before Marvin announced he was quitting, and yet JCP BOD leaders hate him so much they'd rather see the company fail. Bring back Questrom, BOD Chair, and JCP will be bold.
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