$JCP Nice catch by Belleoftheball, the CNBC story Simon properties acquiring Taubman Centers, that's shopping malls, and at an amazing 50% premium to where the stock had closed Friday, a deal over $3 billion for malls, MALLS THAT EVERYONE SAYS ARE DEAD. And then you have Cramer changing his tune suddenly. So you have Simon, and JCP is in many of their malls, as well as Taubman, and Simon throwing around huge amounts of money, and if you recall the story posted this weekend by Niko the writer talking about JCP's $3.5 billion in real estate and how some mall owners should offer JCP PREMIUMS to acquire some of it, who knows, maybe all. Nice catch Belleoftheballthemallhasitall. All of this, a heads up, something is brewing at JCP.
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