$AMC I'm just rattling on you can dismiss it or consider it. I think AA has spoken with DTCC, SEC, and there are 5-10 billion of synthetics that Citadel and Melvin dumped on the market. There is going to be a new vote, by MILLIONS of shareholders per the PR. My guess at this stage, they are going to let the stock run to at least $1000 and hope they can get the 300 million float out of apes' hands and into the hands of institutions like Blackrock and Vanguard and other household names super powerful. I think they've already consulted with them, working behind closed doors, and maybe it takes going to $2000 I don't know, but AA gets apes a win. Then after shares in hand of institutions, private deal struck with DTCC, SEC, U.S. Gov. Citadel, Melvin, JPM types, and AMC, and so economy does not collapse those institutions agree to take something like $5000 per share, then they wash out all shares, re-issue new, and somehow get back to normal. Odd situation takes odd solution.