$WELL.CA "$94.3M was satisfied at a deemed price per share of $9.80, which was subject to an adjustment that was inversely proportional to the difference in the 5 day VWAP of WELL’s shares immediately prior to the closing date from the 5 day VWAP immediately prior to the signing of the Agreement (the “Adjustment”)." 5-day VWAP prior to signing is approximately $7.12 5-day VWAP prior to closing is approximately $8.2 Based on this, the financing of $94.3M in this acquisition is based on the adjusted PPS of around $11.30 "This Adjustment resulted WELL issuing 8,342.947 common shares on the closing date which are subject to certain volume based voluntary resale restrictions as provided in the Agreement." Had the share price rallied more the past 5 trading days, it would have resulted in less dilution for the existing shareholders to finance the acquisition, but I'd still take this as a positive for $WELL.CA