$UVXY lmaooo nobody believes CV is real anymore, sorry, not “real” but they believe it is what it is, a flu that has a 99.99% cure rate... you see TX got rid of there mask mandate one year ago and in the last month had the lowest cases of CV for the year? It’s all a big scam for power, control and mainly to steal last years election and it all worked. If someone doubts what I’m saying, you can read about it in this PDF on John’s Hopkins site that was written two years ago lol yeah, this wasn’t all planned out. centerforhealthsecurity.org...
$UVXY I have a feeling we are locking down again. This China cold is getting out of control again. I think blue states may lock down again in a week or so. Just a thought. Probably still won’t help UVXY. 😂
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