$AYTU FDA working overtime! They don’t have to answer phones, respond to messages, take new applications, deal with companies..... Straight paper work! Our test are taken of pending list, not on the do not distribute list! πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ€ž What is ahead of us this week coming? 🀩
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@Ironsmash - REMEMBER, unlike many other Companies, AYTU has the chance to be the "BIG DOG" here. KNOW WHAT YOU OWN.
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@BSTG2016 @Ironsmash Also its run by a man with PROVEN track record who built and sold company for billion. If you look at recent acquisition and diversification in $AYTU products in it's portfolio along with the game changer sole distribution rights to #HEALight from Cedars Sinai. You looking at the new multi billion dollar company in the making folks. The home of hyped up viral $FREEAYTU.
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