$IDEX "This [inaudible] is about getting the foundation in place. 2020 is about the start of the execution. 2021, 2022 that's about building on the growth; getting those quarters of revenue behind us so we can start getting meaningful analyst coverage from the big boys, and grow our market cap and grow the shareholder value. We've got an order book that stretches out for a number of years. I think we're in quite a unique position because of that. And I think, you know, you should expect big things from us in 2021 and 2022." -Alf Poor 6/25/2020
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@STKTJC I just did 🤡. Now you show me a screenshot or any proof of where their legal counsel told them to “stfu about the MEG center that doesn’t exist.” You wrote out those words not their attorneys so YES “YOU” did say that! How hard is that to comprehend for you? You’re trying so hard to prove a point that you can’t even think straight lmao
@615legend my god you are an embarrassment (to yourself). Go look again whose post you were quoting. (Mmj614 not me!!)... At this juncture, I have to take the liberty to include a picture of your brain here. It represents both the size and complexity. (and yes, you can quote me on that, I'm saying you have a brain sized of a walnut, I suspect that's why it's been so hard for you to get any points through. hahahah!)