$IDEX You're welcome. I'm separating this response cause I think other new comers need to see this: 1. The company was owned by a Chinese CCP insider Wu, who made his money producing TV shows. Not very hard to do and very lucrative if you are connected to the government controlled media. 2. They tried very hard to present this company as American because the sole purpose of the company is to make money off unsuspecting American investors. CEO Alf's only qualification is his white face. How else do you run a company from NY when ALL of your businesses are in China and connection based? 3. Every PR they have produced since June (where I first noticed this POS) contained verified lies (bad photoshop to represent products and businesses they did not have) 4. Just look at their website, a salads of unrelated buzz words. And they are doing all those with only 50 people! 5. Don't expect the 6 vehicle to come. They are not. Developing cars takes time, money, resource they do not have...
@STKTJC thank you for your insights. I saw this in the EV stock that I was in and it's being promoted as an EV stocks, but when I checked the website, it's saying FinTech company. So I asked here and I'm so thankful for both the bullish and bearish comments. It will help me to decide.
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