@STKTJC you try to use revenue and profit by assuming that they don’t have good profit margins, which neither of us truly know. Also here is a different article projecting the wireless charging market to be almost 3b. businesswire.com/news/home/... and I really don’t think your brain is able to understand that partnerships/government grants/incentives will greatly boost their production sector with MMW, not counting the fact that they will have revenue from all their other aspects of business as they continue to GROW.
@Losingmym0ney kid, what was your score in reading back in high school? You posted wireless CELL PHONE charging industry. Fix your basic reading skills then i’ll slowly teach you about business. Like the revenue they listed is the closing value of the house they insured. The actual money they make on actual insurance is much smaller, try 1% of that. and that’s still not profit, you need to deduct the cost of running a business and a percentage of payouts... don’t worry about my brain, you can’t comprehend how much I know more than you do. Hahaha.