$NAKD 👋 RECAP and Analysis. 💎 Today saw buy clubs pour in. Notice of NASDAQ non comp sparked this. There is serious pressure on company to raise to over $1 and keep it there. Buy clubs accumulated leaders first, estimated at 10 mil shares. Then members poured in near close and AH. There Was a hella push to get over .67 where hedgie was dumping shares. Took multiple attempts. Next hedgie wall was at .72 and there was shallow retail selling. We broke halfway through. Key takeaway. My opinion. News pending still. Will exceed $1 on release to possibly $2-3. Depending on news. Expecting $5 eventually and higher if news is that good. Short covering will triple effect of buy clubs. My post and DD posted below hours before the rush. This is my home board. On this stock nearly 24/7 for 6 months now. Happy trading. SSD