$GNUS lol literally bears are embarrassing themselves.. saying it will tank makes us more excited not sad cuz we know what’s coming. If it goes up we’re printing money, if it goes down we profit off the bad choices of others to sell. When lion is promoting this, do u honestly think your meaningless post will have any effect... clearly there is huge value here and clearly there are bigger idiots out there lol. Staying bullish through the bullshit and we will be rewarded. 🤑🤑🤑🤑
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@Serj0821 This has to be an old post of his. He has been absolutely trashing this company and its management for the last couple of weeks. He is a complete and utter clown. I believe this post is from the day he spouted all of his BS about LeBron James. He pumped the stock and was out in the pre-market with a ton of money while his followers held the bags. I’m very bullish on the stock but I wouldn’t post anything from that lying thief.
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