$ALT The Venrock filing shows that ALT has only sold 1.5 million shares through the shelf, which they sold to Venrock ATM. If you recall, the shelf amendment is what killed this stock in the first place. The fact that management has not sold any shares other than the 1.5 million to Venrock means they aren't selling in the market through the shelf. It's curious they own over 20%. I thought they needed approval to go over 20%. It also shows Venrock is taking active management. Another interesting tidbit is that all 4.5 million shares are attributed to voting power; which means they aren't lending them out to be shorted (voting rights go with borrowed shares). Clearly Venrock is taking an active role with the company, which is very much in the shareholders interest since they will do everything they can to not unnecessarily dilute their interest. Very bullish. Venrock appears to be here to stay and short available float is now lower.
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