$IBIO Bull or not this guy is a TOOOOOOL 🤷‍♂️😂
$IBIO - blah blah blah, dumb questions, bitching & moaning, impatience, same shit different day, now almost 64k people here, probably will just continue to get dumber... meanwhile, those of us who were in this thang pre-covid, and thru the past few months of day barcoding, and certainly before last week, just gonna sit back and let the five figure six figure seven figure bag do it's thing... comprende? How about learn to think for yourself, or how to read a basic news article for yourself before coming on here and littering the feed with your stupidity. Thx in advance 🌱✌️😘
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@SaiyanGod oh my gosh, you've really hurt my feelings. get the fuck outta here, clown. go back to your rob_tradez chat ... this is exactly the point of my post, too much moronic noise such as yourself 🤫