$ABUS I have never been as bullish as I am currently with ABUS! In the future ABUS will be studied on the "how to" when pressured by shareholders and legally licensed clients (Pfizer) to act against an intruder and a big money competitor. ABUS is 100% in control. Considering their insignificant size they show admirable restraint and patience. This is the restraint you would expect from an entity who is sure of what they hold. They know the longer they wait the higher the revenue potential for MRNA, and therefore more negotiating power so they choose to wait. I will hold ABUS shares proudly, and expect them to continue to be silent but resilient against powerful IP bullies. All of the smoke and mirror fake news MRNA has peddled in the last week proves they are not I control but rather in damage control. All the while the only proof of life we have heard of ABUS was a silent but confident K8 filing with the SEC as published on their website. THIS is how a confident advisaries behave!
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