$INO PART 4 Inovio Facts and Research *Results and Data for INO-4800 Human Clinical Trials will be released in June. Dr Kim said this week, that it is showing to be extremely safe. *Inovio’s Dr Kim and Dr Kate are very excited with the work that they are doing and expect this to be a transformative year for Inovio. IMO, investing in a Bio company that relies on data and science rather then political and media nonsense is the way to go. They are very straight forward with their progress and great at providing investors with important information and updates. *Unlike analyst, media outlets and Shitron, I do not get paid to post about $INO or give a certain opinion. I post facts, research and my honest opinion to help other investors know more about the company they are investing in, or thinking about investing in. I base all my opinions off of the FACTS and RESEARCH and also, common sense. I hope that this helps some of you that are investing to feel more secure about your decision.
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