$AYTU Don’t Chase the market everything will come down, stay the course. Regardless of how much they inject it will all come to CV testing. It is all political, the government don’t want to rush those type of test because they don’t have the medical care or supply to cove all the cases. But this will backfire as more people start getting angry for not getting testing and showing up to dr office, urgent care and hospital. Frankly, the government are so dumb, they are injecting a lots of money in $BA as if people around the world are going to fly tomorrow, all they want is pump BA so the Dow can rises and but again the money will vanish and tax payers will pay the price. Imagine if they put all this money instead in to the health care we will be over this CV in less than a month and will win. Now it will take years, I think they like the drama.
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