$SHOP SHOP is crazy person over priced. TTM revenue of $1.7 billion after 16 years in business and a $109 billion market cap. It's priced at over 60 fucking times TTM revenue. They are working with WalMart and people are comparing them to Amazon. Amazon has over 180x the revenue but only 13x the market cap. What people are basically saying is that SHOP has significantly more potential than Amazon and they are willing to pay for it a decade or more in advance before expecting any gains. It's literally madness. If you were to buy SHOP and want just a 10% return on your money you'd expect them to throw off over $10 billion a year in free cash flow. If they could generate a 20% FCF margin, which would be incredible, they'd had to do $50 billion a year on revenue, over 29x what they are doing today. And that's to justify today's price, with no price increase until they grow into it.
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