$EROS hey hey familia: i see we have a nice little circle jerk activating because contact has been made with our invisible overlords, and while I am looking forward to sitting down in a circle with y'all and getting my knees rubbed while we all humm: DRRRRRREEEEWWWWW, just before i do can i ask has anyone looked a little deeper into Drew? Dont get me wrong, I get it; Im stuck on an island for 5 years so the 1st guy i see will be my hero and I will shower him with praise....until i realize Im being sold off to someplace worse. spent 20 years as a "media analyst"...i just spent 5 hours reading every ER/CC call he covered available online and while i like the guy its easy to see that he is someone whose opinion/analysis/endorsement you just BUY. The replies he sent you guys, however exciting to see in your mailbox, are empty/fraudulent/misguiding/bought&paid4...Id love to sing "koombayahhh" and hold hands with you guys over these replies, but this is not the time for that. BeAfkNerosian
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