$ATER Just going to blow some steam off here . Ive been trading in the market for 40 years and have known the market is not a level playing field for retail traders the whole time. I’ve read endless books to try and gain the edge, by far the best thing to do is follow on the coat tails of the bigs. The SEC, DTCC, Market Makers, Hedgefucks, US Congress are all in kahootz and made the US Stock Market one of the biggest criminal enterprises in the world. Then you got dark pools that are continuously abused to keep trades off the lit exchanges, being used for other than their original intended purposes. We have the payment for order flow with all the inherent conflicts of interest. We got the damn algos that manage stock price , direction, using chart triggers, pfof triggers, etc. The market is the least level playing field it has ever been. I don’t think we (retail traders, APEs, gAters, etc) are going to be able to beat these asswipes, its just too big of a criminal enterprise. GLTA