$AMC Yes Trust little of what you read on these boards. Hedgefucks game is lies and deceit everywhere. They have the media, SEC, DOJ, DTCC, big banks, their all complicit in the Farce / Fraud they call the US Stockmarket. We, (APENATION, APEWORLD) are a very real threat to the status quo. We are forcing change, forcing failures and getting lots of lip service we will force action. We are the largest Army in the world, we are relentless and emotionless. We are here primarily to right this tremendous wrong, remember 2008 when they stole from your Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters , grandparents and laughed in all our faces . Occupy Wallstreet was nothing compared to this Ape Movement. We haven’t forgotten Evergrande and the other real estate failings in China, we haven’t forgotten the hedgefuck failures over the last couple weeks with more coming. And we absolutely haven’t forgotten the BILLIONS of SYNTHETIC SHARES you must BUY back. This is my daily obligatory FUCK YOU to the Market Mafia.