$JNUG #STUDY - As expected, it hits my 1st PT$6 from bottom 3.50 (My avg 3.52) .... Coronavirus US numbers hits 52000 as of 6 pm EST. More lock downs in coming days as it is getting worse. NewYork city is running out of medical supplies & Fed Govt. has to help ASAP in getting supplies. Besides this, Stimulus bill is very very close .. they are going to approve mostly Wednesday (Lawmakers this morning told deal was closed) - Waiting for official word from White House - Futures went red and then bounce back to green .. GOLD Futures holding well at 1685 level. Expecting this to run towards 1700's. Over all good sign for JNUG - This may open hard around $7 and run here there towards $8-$9 in PreMarket ... Good luck everyone. Still holding 9000 shares
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