$ICPT If you put in β€œFGF19β€œ on Twitter and look for the latest tweet, this comes up on a tweet, just yesterday, from a doctor on a case presentation of a liver cancer: <40 y/o w/ ruptured 8cm liver mass Macrotrabecular subtype HCC: #liverpath πŸ”· Aggressive subtype (imp. to mention pattern on bx) πŸ”· Typically ⬆️ AFP levels πŸ”· >6-10 cell plates, πŸ‘€ for LVI, ⬆️ recurrence/mets πŸ”· G3 transcriptomic subgroup: TP53 mut and FGF19 amplifications> Do you want anything in your body long term that increases FGF19? Especially in NASH ! These are the type of issues the FDA wants to hear about, not about marketing issues
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