$MMTLP So thinking about this, if the shares start to be repurchased by the company, essentially lowering the available float, what happens to all the short positions? This has been a crazy learning experience. Anyone have experience with a stock that undergoes a "callable process"? How Im thinking about it, it screws the shorts even more, because there will be even less shares available to cover on the open market. I still see comments of, "Shorts dont have to cover." "Shorts covering has been expected since merger, and it hasnt happened, and wont happen." Fact is: Its completely criminal for shorts to not cover their position before this goes private into Oilco. Like legitimately fucking illegal. What happens when there are more short positions than shares on the market? What happens when a short literally cant cover their short share, because there are just no more shares available? I still 100% think the shorts are screwed, but can someone help me out here?