$TRVN $BCRX love these two companies. I also understand the economy and where we're headed. Recession, weak earnings, soaring deficits, rapid money printing, social unrest. The federal government has 26.5 Trillion in funded debt, Over 150 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Sometime soon the dollars decline will become a disorderly collapse taking the US economy and the financial markets with it. The US dollar will collapse like never before. My play is to stay in cash, looking for dividend paying foreign investments. You have an opportunity to make good money in these two companies the next few months. The NVAX's of the world are very few. Don't fall in love with any company without covering your initial investment. Too many people in both these rooms are counting their millions in advance. Both have strong upside but the RISK is the US economy and market is high. I always cover my cost and downsize my risk. 100K+ shares in both, my only two open positions outside $ORLY. Trade smart
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