$AMRN If TRILOGY results are released a month early and made public prior to AdCom, I speculate that FDA will mention that trial by name in reference to lipid parameters in control. If not, then they will only be able to reference “another trial that has come to our attention”. I have previously predicted... ▪️PDUFA date delay ☑️ ▪️The importance of mineral oil ▪️The relevance of plain low glycemic starch ▪️An overwhelming positive vote at Adcom ▪️PDUFA date delay till March 2020 ▪️A CRL requiring a DDI trial prior to approval Briefing Docs on Tuesday will confirm MO concerns. A positive vote at AdCom was locked up from ANCHOR on when the medical community rallied to Amarin’s side as the result of a perceived injustice. TRILOGY results will verify or make invalid my placebo connection. The complete data set comes from Part-2 in Q1 2020.
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