$AMRN The Ultimate Contradiction Normally, Amarin shareholders would be hoping that Acasti’s TRILOGY study fails thereby preemptively removing a new competitor from the extreme trig market. But in this instance, you’d better be hoping (praying) that TRILOGY succeeds. Let’s imagine for a moment what would happen if statin control numbers go down as opposed to up as they did in Amarin’s studies & TRILOGY fails stat-sig at the primary endpoint of trig reduction because of it. What does Acasti CEO D’Alvise say? Does she just shrug her shoulders and say “We’re disappointed but oh well.” No, no, no! She tipped her hand on November 13th. She will say that the use of plain low glycemic starch allowed for statins to do their job and HAD WE USED MINERAL OIL TRILOGY WOULD HAVE SUCCEEDED. Of course, she won’t be alone in saying it. Her lawyers will demand FDA do something about it. And every financial website will cover it nonstop. If the trial succeeds, it’s merely an intellectual aside.
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