$AMRN “...furthermore unlike mineral oil, cornstarch has no known effect on statin absorption or on statin efficacy.” Acasti CEO Jan D'Alvise - November 13, 2019 Some closing thoughts on this incredible break with collegiality by Acasti’s CEO at the quarterly call. First, I have to believe TRILOGY succeeds at achieving its primary endpoint of trig reduction no matter how well statins perform in control. EPA/DHA combos are better at this than EPA alone. If that occurs as I believe it will my concerns will be made moot. However, if TRILOGY fails & statin lipid parameters descend in control (a remote Quinella), CEO D'Alvise will blame the cornstarch placebo, suggest mineral oil would have had Capre succeed and demand a level playing field. And she'll do this at the presser that very day. Interestingly, on news that TRILOGY failed (should that remote possibility be realized) $AMRN stock would spike up 10%. After the TRILOGY presser, $AMRN stock would fall 20-30%. Good luck!
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