I’m really discouraged that so many people have made so much money under the leadership of CEO John Thero and now criticize his every move including going so far as to demand the board remove him. That is indicative of just how ungrateful you are for having the Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 at the helm. Were it not for Thero the approval would have never occurred as he forced FDA to cave on the mineral oil issue by coalescing KOL support prior to the deliberative process taking place. Sure he got a terrible label instead that has forced him to curtail revenue expectations and place half of that 800 person salesforce into play but, to his credit, he accepts the reality that you deny. I will initiate a position in $AMRN if 2 things happen following resolution of the pending court case. ▪️The Board commits to retaining John Thero. ▪️An additional $500m in capital is raised to fund an expanded DTC campaign. The ads will have to be longer to accomodate the lengthy label and disclaimers.
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