@dogn While honored to be recommended, I persist, as always, in recommending people follow their own counsel and make up their own minds. The only person I “follow” on Twitter is Mojahed Fudailat and only because I love his sense of humor twitter.com/mojahedfudailat... As for MRC, I’m surprised by his gesture as we’ve had somewhat contentious exchanges at times. Further evidence, I suppose, the investors with bearish proclivities are more honest and less reactive than their long counterparts. Most recently, MRC and I squabbled on $ACST which he recommended a short position on. He stated that Capre was underpowered and would demonstrate 10 and 14% reductions over 12 and 26 weeks. I stated 30% or more. I was right as it was 30 and 36% respectively. However, I also stated that plain low glycemic starch would tighten control numbers as it would be the first truly inert placebo. The pic below, provided by Acasti says it all. Needless to say his short position prevailed.
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