$AMRN Slightly less than 2 months ago, I stood within a charge of running bulls and stating that FDA had bestowed the worst label possible upon Vascepa. stocktwits.com/ScryingBiote... The stock has traded down by a third since that post. This very expensive television commercial truetoyourheart.com/commerc... is the best evidence of my claim. It doesn’t even mention the product name - Vascepa. The question is: why not! The answer is simple: the label! The label makes it impossible to run an effective ad in the 30-seconds of allotted time. Amarin wanted to be able to run an ad which stated that Vascepa reduced the risk of cardiovascular events such as stroke or heart attack but can’t do that without adding - in patients with cardiovascular disease or diabetes with 2 risk factors for cardiovascular disease. That’s a mouthful in 30-seconds. Not to mention the disclaimers of atrial fibrillation and internal bleeding in some patients - highly dissuading in a prevenative therapy setting.
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