$CYCC In calendar year 2020 there were only 2-news stories tied to Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals (the company). The 1st occurred on April 20th when the company disclosed a collaboration with the University of Edinburgh to conduct in-vivo studies of seliciclib and fadraciclib (Cyclacel's 1st and 2nd generation CDK-2/9 inhibitors respectively) against critically ill COVID-19 tissue samples and, perhaps, even in patients. The 2nd story was made available in 2-successive press releases addressing fadraciclib as a single agent therapy against various late stage solid tumor cancers in both I.V. and oral administration. No reports were made on any of the other 4-prominent early stage studies involving fadraciclib in CLL and AML/MDS or sapacitabine in either AML/MDS or Breast Cancer. We know that this latter trial is likely a train wreck but the other 3 remain viable and, potentially, news worthy. Especially if the company has sought a lofty FDA designation teathered to an outstanding result. 👀
$CYCC Now, before you think me either naive, speculative or to be pumping this stock, I want you to consider recent events that have taken place including the ArQule hires of Mark Kirshbaum as Chief Medical Officer and Brian Schwartz to the board. Think too of the interest taken in Cyclacel by the astute doctors of Acorn Bioventures who spearheaded another round of financing. Do such people suddenly converge on an historically failed entity such as Cyclacel without cause? I think not! Read more from the article on Breakthrough Therapy on the FDA website pictured below. fda.gov/patients/fast-track... I’ve highlighted for your consideration 2 aspects that are highly pertinent to my speculation. The 1st is that Phase-1 trials are often used to obtain this lofty designation. The 2nd is that “the company” applies for the designation. Now, if Spiro Rombotis (like it or not we’re stuck with him for now) has positive trial results and has applied, this would explain the above activity.