If anyone "ALERTS" you to swing trade companies that dead cat bounce for years, you are getting worked for your hard earned money. UNLESS they actually provide DD AS TO WHY you are swinging and not day trading it, get the fuck out and unfollow those pumpers. "OH BUT THE COMPANY IS TURNING AROUND" Bullshit. Prove it. I don't have short positions, I just hate seeing honest people get wrecked by pump and dumpers. $ABIO this has reverse split so many times, do the DD you'll see it used to trade at 6million... 6million per share. $GENE look at its IPO, $76? reverse split, investors have lost 20fold the opposite way. $PRPO don't remember when this traded for 100k do you? Jesus. $HPR traded at $55 once.. 22 cents? lol. Swing? lol. Day only. $IBIO traded at $40.xx and has dead cat bounced since that time. Who alerted you? Did they give you proper DD?