$CTRM There’s no doubt the true compass of the shipping season is the Baltic Dry Index. Happy to learn that Castor Marine is doing something right. They’ve hired Pavimar to manage their fleet. Castor’s most recent acquisition Magic Moon is currently at sea with 39k gross tonnage turning a profit and due for port arrival 11/11/19. From there Pavimar has Magic’s schedule full for approx 288 days in the coming 12 months moving cargo. Pavimar has become one of the fastest growing dry vessel management companies in the business because their clientele and logistics keep ships moving and spending less time at port. Let’s just say their like the Southwest Airlines of ship management. Not all shippers are the same. In other shipping news Taiwan Navigation has ordered two new ships today. Do your DD. Learn about the Baltic Dry Index. It’s an exciting world we live in and yes CTRM has a real shot as long as they keep their heads on straight. So far so good.
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