$CTRM This is great news for $CTRM as a growing stock! It means there are no new shares being offered, but EXISTING ones. Meaning that 192.3 million ALREADY AVAILABLE shares are being bought up by INSTITUTIONAL investors! Not just randoms. This shows great trust into Castor Maritime! Less float! More capital raised for an even more impressive expansion at an opportune time! This is fantastic news, I don't understand all this panic at all. This is a great time to get yourself a position, or strenghten the one you already have. Don't get fooled by shorts and bears trying to spread mass panic!
$CTRM Don't just believe any of the crap these bears and shorters are spreading on here. There is NO FURTHER DILLUTION of the amount of shares! This is a DIRECT offering not an IPO. This is a GOOD thing! Quit buying into the panic they are thrying to sell! Buy the dip and hold if you can't! Selling now is dumb!
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