$ONTX Video Recap: CEO said: 1. Their drug, RC, has been shown historically to increase patient survival by 70%, in order to clear FDA for approval, they will need to show only a 28% survival rate in randomized test subjects. The numbers here are clearly on our side, and we have strong case to expect FDA approval. 2. RC will be tested to treat small cell lung cancer in patients in a combo therapy with another drug, not mentioned. The potential catalyst here is that Lung Cancer is much more common than the bone disease they are trying to treat. If RC shows efficacy in these initial trials, this drug could be a potential block buster! Bull Thesis: They are expecting a positive data read out and the potential for FDA approval looks extremely promising! Now consider the testing they are planning for lung cancer. Bull Thesis: With the perfect storm of a potential double catalyst here, I'm going to say it: MOON TIME!
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