$TTCF Longs are low IQ, especially this clown @Seejayem that always finds a way for a positive spin with his retarded confirmation bias charts that make absolutely no sense. Literarily this scam stock can open at $5 and this pumper will start scribbling on the chart telling you it’s all good! Turtle trapped many idiots last year, now it’s this douche bag and YouTube doing the work.
How can anyone call the “bottom” if we haven’t seen it yet! This is a $5 stock in the longterm. Company has no business trading publicly. It’s just a scam and a money grab by the Galletti’s. 1000’s of frozen veggies’ brands in the supermarket. They don’t need to sell shares.
@BullishOnUSA The charts are the facts. The bottom upslope consolidation line has held for the entire trading history of TTCF going back to pre-merger FMCI. There was just a failed breakdown in the post earnings low. Out of 🐻 asses $5 price targets are laughable and show the low 🐻 IQ and the 🐻 agenda. Price ain’t going to $5 no matter how much you wish it will. Silly 🤡