$AKBA selectionnewyork.blogspot.c... ______________ I'd like to pause here and say how incredibly rewarding it is to all of us to see the promise of vadadustat realized in Japan, where it's commercially available with a broad label to treat adult patients both on dialysis and not on dialysis. __________________ ( + 24/10/2020 ..... Newly presented pre-specified regional analyses show vadadustat demonstrated no clinically meaningful increase in risk of MACE, expanded MACE and all-cause mortality compared to an active comparator in U.S. patients treated ) __________________ Our team is leading Akebia through the most dynamic period in its history. And importantly, we believe we're positioning Akebia to deliver on a strategy that we believe will build long-term value for our shareholders. ____________ selectionnewyork.blogspot.c... šŸ‘‡
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