$AKBA _____ Q3 2020 Earnings Call..... __________ 2020/11/05..... _________ Bert Hazlett -- BTIG - _______ Okay. Thanks. And you've spoken -- just one other on partnerships. You've spoken a couple of different times about Vifor and Otsuka and Mitsubishi. ______ John Butler -- President and Chief Executive Officer _______ Sure, Bert. Thanks for the question. I mean, we are incredibly pleased with the partners that we've chosen. I'll point to Otsuka most directly since we have the most interaction with them, obviously. They are -- we're working side-by-side with them on the NDA. I mean we are leading the NDA. They'll be leading the MAA, but we are kind of lockstep from a strategy standpoint. Obviously, Otsuka representatives were on the pre-NDA call with us as well. Our strategy is aligned, and they've just been great to work with throughout. But as I say, in Mitsubishi, before, we have obviously fewer kind of day-to-day interactions with, but they've been great through the process.
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