$SNOW crazy valuation $PLTR, DPO in one week, buy $SSSS now for exposure 17 year old company, proven platform, near monopoly 2. The barrier to entry to even bid on the government contracts they have is insurmountable. a) Although the tech is a platform, it is a custom platform designed through and improved over nearly 2 decades of work in the field with intelligence agencies, so they could have competition in 2040 is somebody starts working in the field with agencies today. b) The government is not going to want multiple companies with different platforms in different agencies. See the F35, the most well known iteration of the armed forces efforts to unify operations, experience economies of scale, and be able to use one platform for multiple branches of the military. Palantir already is and will continue to be a beneficiary of this 21st century ethos and will become more deeply engrained as one of if not the default data aggregation and integration platform for the US.
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