$I I would like to see the government take off the 9.7 billion cap. If this is supposed to be a free market transaction between two companies, then let it be. Pai says the 9.7 is based off calculations of what the free market would pay for accelerated clearing. That's THEIR low ball estimate, not (for example) what Verizon would pay to have Intelsat do it quickly in the heat of the process. IMO the cap is the government dictating what a company can spend to get their spectrum faster. While the government dictates private transactions, they're loading up the treasury with auction money. The more I think about this process, the worse I feel about it. If we have to take this offer, fine, but I think the government went over the line here. They make a weak case on sat vs terrestral licenses being the subject of value. That's just them dangling their power of license type in front of CBA/bidders.
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